September 11th

St. Paul’s Chapel at 209 Broadway in Lower Manhattan is the oldest surviving church in the city.    Churchyard (Small)

First opened in 1764, it survived the great fire of 1776 that destroyed most of New York at that time.  George Washington worshiped at St. Paul’s on his inauguration day in 1789 and for the two years that New York was the nation’s capital.


Chapel (Small)On September 11th, St. Paul’s, only a city block from the World Trade Center, once again escaped destruction, without even a broken window.



For eight months the Chapel was manned by
volunteers who provided aid and refuge
to the recovery workers at Ground Zero.  Badge (Small)



Inside the Chapel are photos and letters from around the world — heart wrenching memorials to those who died and served on September 11th.

Memorial.1 (Small)Memorial (Small)Memorial.2 (Small)

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