A Roux of Revenge

Nate Edgerton, Snowflake‟s Chief of Police, reached over and flipped off the siren and flashing light. He pulled his cruiser to the side of the road, slowing and coming to a stop behind a bright blue sports car. Early morning sunlight reflected off the rear bumper of the car where two people, a young couple, sat huddled together. Nate could tell from their expressions there was no need to hurry.

He turned to his deputy. “Cancel the ambulance.” Nate heaved a sigh and climbed out. He already knew what he‟d find in the ditch – a mangled body or bodies trapped in an equally crushed vehicle. Not how he wanted his day to go. His spirits had been high when he‟d left home that morning. He had impulsively hugged his wife and kissed her quickly on the cheek. It was a golden October day. Indian summer warmth lingered over the countryside and a brilliant glow of crimson and orange covered the trees, leaves unwilling to submit to the coming winter.